Kudos to our DC Project team (Web & Mobile Apps Development) for rapidly turning around and delivering Overall Application and Security Framework, Account Management, Subscription Management features within 1 month of Project start. The team is blazing the trail on highly scalable full-stack development on Microservices Architecture and on track for rapidly delivering the entire SaaS platform on time, much to our valuable customer’s delight. Commendable turnaround on integrating critical AWS stack (EC2, RDS, S3, Cognito, Amplify, Lambda), Chargebee, and Algolia Elastic Search capabilities.

The team completed their second sprint retrospective, and the consensus on what went well is how collaborative, practical, and helpful the team is. Even when working remotely, the team leverages all collaboration tools and virtual conference room techniques to drive synergies and efficiency.

Way to Go, Team !!!

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