Business Transparency !!!

Transparency is about being open, honest, and accountable. It’s about responsibility. Clients are listening to you and making evaluations and decisions based upon what you say, and as such, it’s important to take responsibility for the messaging you put out there.

For those looking to refine their social media messaging, here are five ways to become more transparent.

Don’t Fake It — Talk About What You Know

You can actually enhance your personal/company brand by sticking to what you know. Then make sure you have a list of go-to people or lifelines that specialize in related areas.This makes us look good, because We are not trying to be something We are not, and clients get the right services and information they need.

Have an Opinion, But Stay Open to Other Views

We all know that part of transparency is being responsible about the information you share. A Dilemma – people might not like the opinion, but the company remained open to hearing differing views and criticism. That kind of openness earns respect.

Be Truthful

That sounds obvious, but keep in mind that part of transparency means putting all the pertinent details out there. If you neglect to include something – that others might have thought was important – this will impact your online credibility as much as lying outright.

Be Timely and Responsive

Timeliness is also important when a crisis or controversy is occurring at any company. “That you are aware of the situation, working on the problem and will get back to people as soon as possible”. That’s better than leaving people hanging to draw their own conclusions ??? Lets Discuss.

Think Community

Transparency means creating community, giving credit, and being caring. While it might appear on the surface that transparency is nothing more than telling the truth, sometimes telling the truth is hard. In general, we don’t like to let people/customers down or admit mistakes, and transparency is about putting our unguarded self out there. But embracing transparency will help you to be more open, honest, and accountable and connect better with customers and Lift your Business.


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