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“One patient deserves one doctor.” ..more so during the pandemic. Vyinger (a service offering) is proud to associate and provide assistance to our healthcare and telemedicine customer CandorCareCandorcare is a niche, proudly independent micro-practice that empower patients and physicians for very personalized healthcare serving local communities across America. As a small business entrepreneur in healthcare, Dr. Soumya Prasad, MD, MBA, FAAP, knew precisely what she wanted for the CandorCare website, the brand ambassador, and an essential service portal for customers and physicians. Above all, her ideas needed a matching website builder who could keep pace with her expectations and deliver a top-notch web presence. Vyinger team created a responsive WordPress website working, carefully crafting and assembling the pieces to tailor a great website, Beyond being a very visually engaging and easy to use Website, it has several nifty features such as:
  • IntakeQ integration for appointment booking
  • Stripe integration for subscription management
  • GiftUp integration for gifting options
  • Tawk integration for live chat support
  • Mailchimp integration to provide a customized response for the subscribers.

Vyinger team continuously engaged with the customer, often meeting them more than once a week to closely track requirements and stay on course for on-time delivery. The customer is delighted with the outcome as the site is now live. Vyinger is proud to provide additional services such as:

  • Regular website maintenance
  • SEO (Search Engine On-page Optimization)
  • Off-page optimization

We are proud that our team’s personalized care and commitment to make this engagement a success mirrors the philosophy of CandorCare – One patient deserves one doctor.

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